It takes a significant capital investment in heavy plant items and equipment to move and extract the volumes of material that result from Finstone’s exensive Rustenburg operations. To support and maintain current production levels in the Rustenburg area, a total of 32 front end loaders, 19 ‘dump’ trucks and 12 excavators are currently deployed with a total replacement value of approximately US$ 27 million. This machinery is serviced and overhauled by fully equipped on-site workshops which are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all ancillary equipment.

In order to sustain the current combined production from the region of between 140 000m³ and 150 000m³ per annum, Finstone has led the development and application of new technology and mining methods within the South African dimension stone industry. It was the first company to apply formal mine planning to dimensional stone quarrying and then to pioneer the growing application of diamond wire technology achieving the highest performance levels in dimensional stone extraction - whilst at the same time continuing to pioneer ‘blind cutting’ techniques in solid granite formations to facilitate overall quarry development.

Similarly, Finstone has been leading the development of new explosive and non-explosive splitting techniques, as well as recently developing new equipment capable of tipping slabs measuring over 3m in thickness with weight in excess of 1 000 tons.